Construction Law

Sharpe & Wise Summaries of Mississippi’s New Construction Lien Law:

Five Sharpe & Wise Construction Bills Pass the MS Legislature – Helping Construction Parties Get Paid

• Passed in 2015 Legislative Session: SB 2364 drafted by S&W to amend 2014 lien law to clarify Notice of Contest lien form.[1]

• Passed in 2014 Legislative Session: SB 2622 co-drafted by S&W to create a  new set of lien laws expanding lien protections for the first time to Mississippi subcontractors, materialmen, engineers and surveyors.[2]

• Passed in 2012 Legislative Session: HB 1301 drafted by S&W to amend the private payment bond statute to provide an enforceable right of contractors to a copy of the bond (now superseded by our 2014 new lien law).[3]

• Passed in 2011 Legislative Session: SB 2363 drafted by S&W to add County Courts for enforcement of lien actions and clarify the statute of limitations (now superseded our 2014 new lien law).[4]

• Passed in 2010 Legislative Session: SB 2800 drafted by S&W to add equipment rental suppliers to the protection of the Mississippi lien, stop notice and private payment bond statutes (now superseded by our 2014 new lien law).[5]

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